Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday Mail

my first haul from shopping online via ebay!

The Loot:

I got everything about a little more than P300..
and got the green and red sachets as freebies at the left side.

I wanted the Rice Mask of SkinFood so bad, but didn't have extra moolah to buy the real thing...
so I settled for these samples.

bhappywithme is a highly rated seller...
and I recommend her as well!

Samples are a good way of trying a lot of things then deciding what to buy which saves money...
because it would be a shame to buy something so expensive and regret it later!
the samples were in the P20-25 range!

I finally own the uber expensive serum of Skinfood,
have a chance to try the Missha peeling gel,
get a taste of Tony Moly,
and experiment with my freebie Innisfree!

And yeah.. 
I'm a sucker for Korean skin care stuff!
My BB Cream phase died down weeks ago.

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