Friday, April 9, 2010

NYX Round Lipstick Swatches!

So, here it is!
My first NYX Round Lipsticks....

with flash.

without flash.

I like how these babies come in their tube!
Its very pretty!
They supposedly cost $0.99 and I got them pre-loved (swatched only) for P100.
Not bad.

Here's my wrist swatch:
(Same Order)
Spell Bound, Eros, Fire, and Alecto.

My Lip Swatches!
(No flash, Unedited except for cropping, the text and the border)

My bare lips.
No lip gloss or anything whatsoever.

Spell Bound.


-Great Pigmentation! No need to go back and forth to bring out the color!
-Smells somewhat weird but I can handle it.
-Affordable! Depends on whether its brand new and how much "patong" the seller puts in and my allowance!
(keke.. I don't earn my own money...yet!)

I actually own 3 SkinFood Lipsticks and will most likely do the same with it...later!


My cousin asked her friend what she thought about me (she's a girl)...
She said I am OKAY but I lack LIPSTICK.
Yeah, I always forget about my lips because all my focus is on my skin and maybe eye makeup.
This is probably why I started buying lipsticks all the sudden!

-bee <3

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