Monday, April 5, 2010

Korean MakeUp Hoard: Updated (4.12.10)

I got the following products from the past 2 weeks.
I guess you can tell I'm a sucker for Korean BB Creams..
Well, thats the truth!
Ever since I have gotten into online shopping, I have discovered portals that allow we to buy so many BB Creams under 4k.
Why is this so damn important?
My family would spend 3k for only 2 BB Creams!
Thats right! P3,000 for only 2! Either from The Face Shop or SkinFood.
Yeaup, it was that bad.

Number One.
The pic up there is my haul from The Little Cool Shop <333.
All brand new... came from Korea not too long ago.
Thanks to Ms. Joeanne and Ms. Gay for the wonderful customer service.
Only reason why I got so much all at once was because of the Super Secret Sale for her contacts. 
(too many to mention?? I will list the items down in the comment section later.)

Number Two.
I got this from sis PrincessCharm of GT.
Both from The Face Shop and of the Professional Line... Foundation in N21 and Make-up Base #1 green.
Both a P100 each!
The reason why I love these is because they're grrrreat from OILY SKIN!
I will do a better review later.

Number Three.
Another one!!! Whew! from sis k_heart of GT!
Pre-loved stuff... From SkinFood Lettuce Primer and the Sake BB Cream.
A VOV BB Cream... and a LOT of FREEBIES!!!!!
Awesome sis!!! Much appreciated!
I actually got a sample of something from Laniege... Wow!
I prolly won't buy anything like that soon..
I don't think my heart would be able to handle the price!

Number Four.
Tired yet?
Lol. I got this from sis ur-princess of GT.
I was forced to buy these (my greediness did) because she was pulling out on selling them.
I thought it would be a waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in the big bag... what's inside???

More BB Creams! Lol. I'm sure it ain't a surprise to you.
Hehe. Another SkinFood Gingko BB Cream!
And from The Face Shop... the Clean Face BB Cream and the Pure Berry BB Cream!

for the second mini pack included....

Thanks sis! Sooo many!!! :D

Before you think I'm such a rotten and greedy person...
I want to say that...
I'm not keeping them!
What I mean is most or 70% of my haul is going to my beloved sisters and mom in the US.

I'm keeping everything pre-loved and the freebies!
Except for the TFS foundation and makeup base.
Ohhh..and the TFS Span makeup base in purple up there and the 2 lipsticks from SkinFood.

I hoarded for them.
I love shopping around for the best deals.
And we all love BB Creams!
I'm fine with the pre-loved ones :D

I will try making reviews on the stuff I got...
I can't believe blogging takes a loooong time to do.
But I will try!

There's MORE stuff coming this week...
sinister laugh*
I get to keep them.

"  Happy Easter!"


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  1. wow, that's a lot of stuffs! yeah, am a korean bb cream sucker too =D the TFS foundation and make up base looks intriguing and you got it just a 100 each?? nice! I haven't tried the TFS bb creams but i do read lots of reviews from them, might as well try TFS soon.and yeah blogging really takes a lot of your time to finish, but its worth it :)