Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mini HBC Haul & a Healthy Food Discovery

Hey there!
Yay I actually woke up 7 am!! yay! I didn't go to bed yesterday at all! (spent all night and morning surfing the web)! And the only way to fix that habit was to stay awake the whole day so I would be sleepy enough to go to bed and wake up like a normal person would (in the morning)!

Like the abnormal person I am, I set out to the mall late in the evening. I got inspired by sis Locke's post about homemade eye primers!
I remember watching a video of something similar on it before but forgot... hehe... here's a popular tutorial on youtube by pincstuff. Watch out for my own version!! teehee!

And so I set out to buy the only body butter I know (had some other business to attend to as well)... I ended up buying two other things as well!

1. Body Recipe's Skin Lightening Body Butter with Milk &+ Goat's Milk - P99.75 ($2)
- I picked this because the other one was intended more on moisturizing purposes. I have oily skin and if I pick the other one, I don't think my DIY eye primer will last very long.

I Like:  Affordable. 150 grams ( Big Tub!). Light and Non-Sticky Application. Moisturizing. Smooth Feel to the Skin. With Claimed Skin Lightening Properties. Quickly Absorbed.

I Don't Like: The Scent is somewhat borderline too Strong (but still bearable). Not as Thick as I thought (DIY Eye Primer!!!).

Rating: 3/5. As a body butter, I think its pretty good especially on oily skin like mine because it isn't sticky. Only a 3 because I'm not sure about the Skin Lightening claims. And the main purpose of this is for my my DIY eye primer but I think this should moisturize my elbows and knees well.

2. Nature's Baby's Prickly Heat Cream. Hypoallergenic with Vit. E, Wheat Germ Oil - P64.75 ($1.44)
- It's summer. I'm not used to the heat. I think this will come in handy when I do get Prickly Heat.

I Like: Affordable. Cute Packaging (Green!). Good for Sensitive Skin (babies!). Cooling Effect felt when Applied on to skin. 
I Don't Like: Cooling Effect isn't as Strong as Expected. Starchy feel. Peels off when rubbed if if blended properly or not. Thick Paste. Somewhat Funky Smell but still Bearable. 
Rating: 2/5.  It's just OK. I initially thought of experimenting with this as a DIY eye primer but it peels off!  

3. Body Recipe's Face Cleansing Cream with Milk+ & Goat's Milk - P45.25 ($1)
- Got this because I need a new makeup remover!

I Like: Cheap! Smells good.

---I have a bigger review for this to compare with my other makeup removers!


Sorry for sounding like I'm so ignorant!
Its because ever since I went healthy (that's why I lost weight!), I would dedicate one of my big ass luggage aka "maleta" to bring healthy food! Like Fiber bread, Whole Wheat Bread, or the ones with Oats.... it started November last year.
There's mini grocery store like a minute worth of walking to from where I currently reside and they used to only sell White Bread (unhealthiest kind!)... The other night, I was looking around for food and saw this behind where we get our usual (unhealthy) bread! Yay! I don't have to go to the mall to get healthy bread anymore! So, that's basically why I'm calling this bread a "discovery"... Does this brand have ads on televevision??? Cause I'm not fond of it! .. Just because I don't really care. lol. I love to spend all my time on my laptop!

I Like: Its High Fiber and Whole Wheat! At the nearest local mini grocery store ever! Tastes Good! Big!! Soft!!

I Don't Like: 166 Calories for 2 peices!! (the one I brought from the US is only 100 Calories per 2 slices!!!!!!) Expensive @ P51 for 400grams [The Dollar is going down..Good for the Country.. Bad for People Like Me! .....Not Including the Tourists! Hmmpppf). 

Rating: 4.5/5 Despite what I don't like, Yay! Healthy bread!!!



  1. Hi girl! wow,great selection of products =D am now intrigued with your own version of DIY eye primer, can't wait! and those whole wheat breads are yum too! xoxo

  2. Hiya! I'm sorry! I forgot to ask if I could make a link to your post!But yeah, I really want an eye primer! >.<

  3. hello... you can also try the etude house eye primer. it is as good as my artdeco eyeshadow base and some claimed that it is as good as urban decay too.

    its worth almost 300k, i think. 200plus. im not sure. your shadows would stay longer.

  4. Hi Jing!

    Cool Suggestions! Thanks... Will most definitely got any of those when I get the moolahh! >.<

  5. Love your purchase. I'm also fond of buying products from hbc. I used to buy their Goat's Milk Body Butter too. Keep us posted with your makeup remover review, ha?

    Waa! I think I'm the one who's abnormal. I actually can't stand the taste of those healthy bread. I prefer the unhealthy white bread over those fibrous bread, tsk-tsk.

    Lots of love,

  6. Yeah, I better get to that part! Thanks for reminding me!

    This bread actually tastes better than the other bread my mom tries to force in my mouth. teehee >.<

  7. hi, this is ninelives2146 of gT.. i've been using the whole milk line of body recipe for 3 weeks. i think its just an ok product,although it doesn't give me breakouts but i haven't notice any lightening effect and its weird that my dry skin turned oily. :(