Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Mini HBC Haul & A Wave Goodbye!

I just thought I'd share the stuff I grabbed yesterday...

I was initially aiming for Pond's or Olay... and even considering Loreal.

But... the prices were like whoa!
So, I left the department store and went to HBC to see if they got anything.

I was thinking about products that would keep my face as baby-like as possible.
I needed a serum of some sort..

All these are part of my ritual at night (except for the soap).
I will post reviews later... If I can tell the difference!

To whom??

Actually to these stuff...

My uncle from the US had to come over to the Philippines due to an emergency regarding his father early this week..
I think he left today for Manila and would be bound for San Francisco tonight.
I was able to see him yesterday and had these packed up to be brought to my two sisters and my mom in the US.
Remember these from my Korean Hoard??
I told you it wasn't all mine! lol!

Actually, due to the heaviness of the packages...
these babies were left behind..
plus the two bleaching creams which is not shown here.

I already used the Evian Face Mist and I love it...
The Baviphat stuff are waiting to be consumed by me..

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