Monday, April 19, 2010

My Eye Primers Experiment and a TAG???

I initially had a video posted up here..
But I deleted it because I thought I'm being ridiculous. LOL.

anyways... here a pic! >.<

  1. Fresh Minerals' Mineral Face Foundation
  2. The Face Shop Professional Foundation no. 23
  3. Skin Food Peach Sake T-Zone Block Gel (as the Oil Mattifier - a tip I picked up for oily skin types!)
  4. E.L.F All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige (I use as my concealer, has good staying power!)
  5. Body Recipe's Body Butter in Milk + and Goat's Milk
  6. Olay Total Effects Face Moisturizer

No. 1

Mix equal parts of Body Butter and Concealer together and add a bit of your Oil Mattifier.

No. 2

Mix equal parts of your Foundation and Body Butter. Add a pump of your Moisturizer and a bit of your Oil Mattifier.

No. 3

Put in the amount of Mineral Foundation you want. Mix in enough Body Butter until you get a creamy outcome. Don't forget to add your Oil Mattifier.

I'm not expecting these all to be the very best... I checked out the contents of Urban Decay's Primer Potion and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance... my homemade stuff lack most of the ingredients (ugggh...). They do get the shadows to show up more but I have yet to try the lasting power of my different concoctions!

I find it very interesting watching YT videos of the different guru's makeup stash! Hehehe.... I find myself watching the same videos over and over again (O.O)!

two of the most popular:

I'm not hating but she has the most ridiculous amount I ever seen...

Again.. Not hating! More on the Inspired side... 
I'm loving makeup more everyday! ^^,

It turns me into a freakin' zombie! My mom reminded me to stop buying so much things because it will become a problem (she knows this because I take after her...yeaup! She's addicted to shopping off the internet in the US! Teehee!) but I ended up doing the opposite today! rawrr! These videos made me fix my vanity... which is pretty organized at the moment... and now, build up my collection. Damn! Why does Nars and Mac look so damn good!???! I. MUST. STOP. MYSELF. BEFOREIGOBROOOOOOOOOOOOKE!

To my subscribers! I want to see your makeup stash! Post up your link on the comment section below if you already do!

 Just for the fun of it! I saw 2 really good ones in GT... whaaaaaaaw! I'm sure you guys have a collection.. me? Not even... I'm new to this thats why what I probably have put into this blog is all I own at the moment... I MUST BUILD IT UP. Lol. Yeah... I'm a zombie O.O



  1. great job on doing your DIY primer,wohoo! thumbs up ^_~