Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Take on the Search for Ms. Universe 2010 (picture heavy!!) [Appreciation of Beauty]

 Disclamier: I do not own the following photos. These Photos were uploads of the fans of Official Miss Universe and Maria Venus Raj of FaceBook.

Last year, I was never really interested in this event... it was blaaaaahhhhhh as heck to me. This year it seems like I did an 180 degree flip because I'm on hyper mode!

May I introduce the Dethroned Queen who is supposed to represent us Filipinos in the Miss Universe Pageant 2010...
Miss Maria Venus Raj

Dethroned because of wedlock??
Her Story:
one / two

Anyways, let me introduce the 2nd Runner of of Binibining Pilipinas 2010...
Helen Nicolette Henson
Why the second runner up? Because she was appointed to replace Venus in the Fight for the Miss Universe Crown! 
They said that the 1st Runner up did not meet the age requirement.. she was 17.
Again from my area but I do not know her this time... but I heard that she just turned 18 a few weeks ago.
So... hmmmm... somethings fishy!

Do you like what you see?

I don't... teeheee.
Well, Yeah she's prettier, fairer, hotter, sexier, and more flawless than I will ever be!
Said to be a Nikki Gil look-alike (popular local actress)...

Nikki Gil.
I guess this picture should be enough to prove it.

Her beauty is seen everywhere.
Nothing special.

As lovely as she is... you think she can stand up to THE COMPETITION?

I did not make this photo, btw.
I was simply browsing for Venus' pictures and I stumbled onto the FaceBook of the Miss Universe.
Interesting huh?

Being at this point.. why not let me show all of you a closer look to THE COMPETITION.

By the way... what I said about the picture of the 6 lovely ladies up there goes the same for all of these...
these are all Fan Photos... meaning it was submitted by other people aside from the one who has created the FaceBook account...
The other countries are as PUMPED UP for the upcoming Miss Universe Battle Pageant.

Miss Venezuela

My take: the black and white photos aren't very appealing to me.. I know we have better looking Filipinas even without makeup. Nonetheless, she looks like a classic beauty in the other photos. Sexy, indeed. 

Miss Columbia
My take: I know girls who look as gorgeous as her in high school! They somewhat also wear (they do) the same thick makeup everyday to school as well. But... I can definitely say.... damnnn! she is smoking hot! Her smile is divine!

Miss Poland
My Take: Don't like the first picture.... But She looks sweet in the second one.

Miss Russia
My Take: Oh.... Wow... Even if its not a whole body shot... Look at those eyes!!!! Gorgeous!!!

Miss Belgium
My Take: Pretty Girl! Wow... Dazzling eyes!

Miss Indonesia
My Take: Doesn't seem to fit in with the rest. Too innocent looking. Cute... but not what you expect to see in a pageant like Miss Universe.

The fight for Venus' Crown was given consideration by the BCPI and her rightful place will be taken as soon as she get a Philippine Passport.
Its a sign that the force of her fight is winning and the abundant support her fans gives her..
But if they say they consider her situation out of "humanitarian" reasons...why is there a condition??

Anyways, I hope she get her crown back for real!

You're wondering why there's only one picture of Venus in my entire post??
I saved the best for last!
But before that....
Ms. Henson, once again!

The Showdown:
My Take: Venus has the exotic beauty that can compete with those exotic countries.

The BEST for LAST!
Humble beginnings... I never even imagined.But whoa! She still looks great!

 Isn't she lovely?!
And why they call her The Goddess....
My Take: Geeze! I'm a 100% Straight... but WOOOOOOOW!!!!!! When was the last time I saw a body like that here the Philippines???!!! Check the BOOBS! The S-LINE! Definitely "A Designer's Perfect Barbie Doll"! So much power in the way she carries herself..I am totally swept off my feet! (I'm still straight!)...She is on FIRE!!! 

So.. Can she face the FEIRCE COMPETITION?

Make Way! Exotic Beauty from the Philippines Coming Through!

I believe she can. 
I hope the best happens for our country this year.


  1. Love this post.

    Yes, she really represents the Filipina beauty. I mean, Filipinos have naturally kayumangi skin. And her features! Wow!


  2. hey Sofia!
    I'm glad you agree! Some people don't appreciate kayumangi skin though... She had a body to die for...

    Thanks for showing my blog some love! <333

  3. ei sis,

    i like venus too. i'd want her to represent my country in the Miss Universe pageant. more than her physical attributes, i admire her bravery and honesty. not a lot of people would have the guts to tell her difficult but inspiring story to the entire country :)

  4. I know!!! Like oh my gosh, I had no idea!

    I guess she was able to do all those pageants because she was sponsored... She looks so glamorous I didn't think she was in that situation!

    Thanks sis for commenting :)

  5. I wasn't really able to watch this year's Binibining Pilipinas but after learning who won, and after seeing her pictures, I said to myself that finally, may totoong pambato na ang Pilipinas. It's just not her exotic looks. I also admire her intelligence, her courage, and her background story. Have you read her statement addressed to the people behind Binibining Pilipinas? It made me admire her more, sya yung tipo ng babae na hindi basta basta napapaikot at hindi basta basta umaatras ng walang laban, she really calculates her moves well, and she really is not all about beauty. Anyway, I hope she represents our country for this year's Miss Universe.

    Lots of love,

  6. Hey Golden! I guess she gets her strength from her background... Having nothing, she wanted everything to count. I would too... or it will be a waste. And yeah! I hope she does represent!

    Thanks for commenting as well >.<