Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today's Mail & Yesterday's Super Mini Purchase!

It doesn't stop!

From sis emilyenchanted (her blog link <3 ):
  1. Skin Food Peach Sake Finish Powder - P150
  2. Skin Food Mushroom BB Cream - P350
  3. ELF Studio Blush in Blushing Rose - P100
  4. Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation in Ivory - freebie!!!
  5. Makeup Wipes - freebie! used to protect the ELF blush.. I forgot the brand
--- free shipping! hehe. thanks sis!!!

From sis icysuntiz:
  1. Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study - haggled down to P800 with free shipping!
  2. LA Colors Shimmering Loose Powder in Lollipop - freebie!!!
  3. Squeeze Ease Gadget - freebie!!!
----- thanks sis!!! super hiya ako that I haggled uber and may freebies pa! thanksss!

The Highlight:

Brand New... Been going crazy over getting one because the Urban Decay Primer Potion is out of my league.
wink wink ;)

the whole haul.

Reasons why I love GirlTalk <333

I paid for my Summer Affiliation and then I went to the mall to pay for another haul.
Ahem! I can't help it!
Don't worry... It was a minor thing.
I'm running out of the Olay Masks I got... So I needed backups!
Anyways, I went window shopping...
I was firm to not buy anything else.
until I saw this...

After going crazy looking for one.. my local mall finally has a lot of these on stock!
how much???

These retails a lot more expensive online and the shipping fee is a headache!

I just bought one...

Yay! Bag Hook!!!


 just to relieve myself of what's eating me inside.
 (you don't have to read this part)

I wasted a whole month... Monday is when my local affiliation starts (wannabe a nurse). I'm feeling really down how I haven't accomplished anything and enjoyed summer. I miss my family. I feel like I'm going somewhere I don't want to be... I wish I can be a kid forever. I don't think I can handle responsibilities anymore... I have done so since I was 14... Always determined to do the best and be number one... But I don't think I can do that anymore. I find comfort in shopping and sleeping all day long... I wish I can go to the beach. I wish I accomplished my own dreams. I wish I would stop being a failure and live up to the expectations of my family. But I'm tired, depressed and lonely! ...and I can't tell them that. My thesis is too hard... my genius sister came up with it. I want to go swimming... now!

got a second chance. its been a week.


  1. Thanks for posting your haul from me. I just couldn't resist sending some freebies... anyways, enjoy your new stuff! =)