Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hopefully, my last OL haul.....

Hello! Good morning!
Lol. Woke up at lunch time... How late huh?
I woke up to find these babies on the dining table.

The smaller package was sent to me by sis daisychain of GT.
from her sale topic:
"Everyday Minerals Foptic Brush.
  Rarely used, kept sanitary; in good condition."
I was initially interested in her other stippling brush but it was already reserved for another sis.
I looked up her blog to find the brush and thought "hey.. looks cool!".
It being so CHEAP... I said "SOLD!"

My initial reaction on the brush upon opening the package was completely POSITIVE.

Its currently drying up cuz I just washed it.
And I looked up reviews on it on the world wide web...
Its also known as the "Skunkless Foptic Brush", by the way.
It kinda made me sad that its a lowly rated brush.
People found it hard to use with powder foundation and liquid foundation.
I don't think they used it as a STIPPLING BRUSH though...
 But ohh well!
Let's see about that!

I would like to thank sis daisychain also for the freebie..
a sample of a POWDER PRIMER.
ooooohhhhh, cool!

Introducing the contents of the LARGER package:

3 Bleaching Cream (4 in 1) 15 grams each - P110 each
1 Tretonoin Soap 150 grams - P60
1 bottle of Pore Minimizer in 120 ml - P160

This is from the GirlPowerStore
 Ms. Monique was very accommodating, professional and prompt.
I just hope these babies will do what they are made for and live up to the hype I read in the feedback pages.


Why is the title the way it is? Because... Sending money via Western Union sucks.
I will try to stop the addiction and DO REVIEWS on the products I already have!
I am positively sure that it will be temporary....

-bee <3 

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