Monday, April 12, 2010

Philippine Setting: Local Brand Snob???

 Good Morning Sunshine!
I woke up at like 3PM and I think it was drizzling.
I am seriously messing with my body clock...
Ugghh. Very Bad!

I'd like to share what I got the other day before I decide to go out and do whatever!
 2  Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Brushes (Big) = P85 each
2 Nichido Triangular Sponges = P45

I already own the smaller Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Brush.
Its quite abused because that was the only brush I have for my eye makeup ever since I decided to incorporate eyeshadow in my everyday look.
Poor thing.
And because I wanted to do more eye makeup, I can't use the same brush over and over again!

Some bristles are poking out because my fan was on and blowing right at it.
I Like:
Affordable. Soft Bristles. Thick Bristles. Great Blending Ability. Pats on Color onto the Eyelid Superbly. No Shedding Problem. No Discoloration Problem during Washes.

I Don't Like:
The two big brushes differ in height and in the color of the bristles, but its not that bad.

Rating: 5/5! Looking for a good and cheap eyeshadow brush? This is it.

Extra Notes: The set of Fashion 21 brushes retails at P400, the brushes in it look like its the upper class of my babies. But all I need is more eyeshadow brushes and I don't really care about how shiny my brushes are. Although the Fanny Serrano Brush Set looks amazing!! ....but a huge shocker because its P2,500! The makeup case is P500.. nice leather. I will probably get one later.

 More Pictures:
 My Maybelline Quad called "Lavender Fields" and one of my big Fashion 21 Brushes in action.

The smaller Fashion 21 brush.

So, whats with the "local brand snob"?
My little sister like to poke fun at me because I like buying cheap stuff.
Just because she shops for Mac and bought hella stuff from Sephora at her trip down to LA with
her school's drama club.

I used to buy dirt-cheap Chinese stuff but only to save the expensive ones because I used to
seriously... practice every night how to line my eyes with liquid eyeliner and etc.
It would be a waste because after I perfect my technique, I wash it off and go to bed.

Well, if I think something is good... why go for expensive stuff right?

Thanks to the many sisters in GirlTalk who continuously and unselfishly share their knowledge on makeup.
I learn a lot from youtube, as well, and found people that helped this inartistic makeup guru wannabe learn to achieve looks that would take me forever to figure out.

I think I improved in my choice of makeup.
Same goes to my makeup skills (I HOPE!!)

But I still got an eye open to the cheap local stuff..
Hey! We should be proud of our own goods, you know?!

Ohhh Darn. I started doing this entry at 5pm and finished at 7pm! 
looks like I'm staying home! >.<


  1. Hi girl! thanks for following :)followed you too.ooh, I also have the same brush [3rd pic from the top] :) great post! and love your blog <3 keep it up! xoxo