Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update & Shopping List!

 Update Yo!
Whats crakin' ladies?

I haven't posted any worthy post lately, so I decided to delete them.
I am trying to get this blogging thing right...
Its pretty cool becoming a super star that way!

I went shopping on Sunday for stuff I need for my Summer Affiliation in Manila.
Will be staying over at Makati... and will leave this Saturday!
I dropped 2k just buying those stuff.
I'm not done packing...yet!
Just to make things better I will post up how I organized my vanity stuff and the stuff I chose to bring with me.
Ooooohhh... that sounds exciting for me.
I think it will help me get things done in time :)

My Shopping List!
Okay, I'm a still a student so... I narrowed my list to the following:

images from Dollface.

thats it for the nite!


  1. funny, i actually have all these 3. but not of course all the shades of the gel liners. 1 used to have 5 of them, but i sold 2.

  2. awesome for you! i just found out... i might have to wait a bit longer for them... awww... ohh well :)