Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cyleina Soaps!

 I got this package from a sis from GT, once again. 

Thanks to lady.jiji for selling her Cyleina soaps much cheaper than the usual!

Black Pearl - to whiten my dark spots. 
It smells hella sweet! like I could get diabetes just smelling it! 
It feels so minty!! This will be a great tool to fight off summer heat!
I will not use this on my face... its too white already!
Tomato Soap - I gave one to a friend away... the person has large ass pores, pimples EVERYWHERE.. and is oily as an OIL WELL.
I just read that it can tighten pores... I have another haul containing stuff you can get from your local dermatologist.. ONLY.. CHEAPER!...  even WITH SHIPPING!!! and i ordered a pore minimizer. 
I don't have zits to worry about at the moment, so I won't touch the 2nd bar for now.
Rice Bran - I will use it right now.
I have dead skin and blemishes to get rid of!

I learned from Elle of YT that its easier to cut soap when you heat up a knife.
You get your soaps clean cut.
I know that organic soaps melt fast..
So I applied this idea to my Cyleina soaps... to save my money from buying and buying!
Shipping costs a lot, you know!

Anyways.. I have high hopes for the BLACK PEARL soap. 
I read that it is very effective in whitening...
I need it for my elbows, knees, heels, neck, and ahem..
Let these babies work like how all the great things everyone said in GT!

I got these the same day:
Yay! I finally own a comb! LOL.

I've been trying to use this method of whitening lately by the way:

Just the dark areas.
I used a more expensive brand last time...
This one.. I have to take the time to mix it.
Its all good... My mom used to do this and she says it worked.
I know someone who tried getting in a pageant and used this to whiten her private areas and she said it worked.
I have an aunt who is said to be using this and was said to state that it did work.

So, I hope it works.

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