Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuesday's & Today's Mail with Updates!

Hi everyone!
I'm starting to think I am a bit of a shopaholic... O_o
I'm leaving on Saturday for Manila!
Unlike many of my batchmates, I had a headstart packing but I'm no where near done.
I still have local clinicals and geeze!.... how tiring!
Officially seen three live births via natural method... and yes, it was bloody!

Anyways, the following came in the mail!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update & Shopping List!

 Update Yo!
Whats crakin' ladies?

I haven't posted any worthy post lately, so I decided to delete them.
I am trying to get this blogging thing right...
Its pretty cool becoming a super star that way!

I went shopping on Sunday for stuff I need for my Summer Affiliation in Manila.
Will be staying over at Makati... and will leave this Saturday!
I dropped 2k just buying those stuff.
I'm not done packing...yet!
Just to make things better I will post up how I organized my vanity stuff and the stuff I chose to bring with me.
Ooooohhh... that sounds exciting for me.
I think it will help me get things done in time :)

My Shopping List!
Okay, I'm a still a student so... I narrowed my list to the following:

images from Dollface.

thats it for the nite!