Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuesday's & Today's Mail with Updates!

Hi everyone!
I'm starting to think I am a bit of a shopaholic... O_o
I'm leaving on Saturday for Manila!
Unlike many of my batchmates, I had a headstart packing but I'm no where near done.
I still have local clinicals and geeze!.... how tiring!
Officially seen three live births via natural method... and yes, it was bloody!

Anyways, the following came in the mail!

Tuesday May 4, 2010

From the Super Secret Sale of Miss Joeanne's Little Cool Shop!

I love sales!!
I recommend ya'll to go find your Korean Beauty lemmings from her..
This has been the second haul and the service is still awesome.
I ordered an item she recommended... I should get it in next week.

Today! May 6, 2010

My haul from The Face Shop.
I got it from Miss Joan's shop.
Prices are lower.
But takes forever for the loot to come in 
(which is good for those who doesn't have 3k on the spot!).
And... customer service is..... ahem.. no comment.
"I'm just glad the items came in."

Yeah, scams here.
But.. the Pureberry Mild Toner and Mild Lotion (both P370) isn't supposed to be there.
I was supposed to have the Primers from the Span Line (P370) .
I asked awhile ago but never got an answer.
Ohhh well.
Prices are seriously lower (well, it depends)...
the Cleansing Cream (150ml) and the Cleansing Foam (a whopping 170ml!!!) are each P200!!!!!!
Yes... the makeup bases are also P200 each!

I had to order atleast 2k because I wanted stuff from TFS while most people ordered items from Skin Food.
Hey people! 
TFS is affordable, may come in big volumes and effective!
So... why bother look anywhere else if they got it?

I'm very adventurous in shopping... I was especially worried because certain reasons.
I think I will take a risk again...
hmmm... for a cheaper price?? maybe.

Uggghhh.. I should stop!
I'm going to go broke again!!!



  1. nice hauls! Miss Joeanne is an awwwwesome seller.been her customer for a year or,you got diff. items instead of the primer you should get a refund or exchange, the tfs stuffs are pretty low in prices.thanks for sharing =) hopefully you get to pack up before can do it! take care xoxo

  2. hi!!! I actually ordered those at first... then I said I'd like to change those items... It seemed like there was an agreement but it turned out differently. Oh well, I think I have too much primers anyways! I will try the lotion and toner as soon as I run out of what I already have...

    Thanks for reading my entry and commenting!

    <3 <3 <3