Tuesday, February 2, 2010


the fifth one!!! yayuh!!


Weeks ago I was surfing the net and watching all the interesting makeup tutorials and reviews in YT.
Then I noticed almost all the gurus had a baby similar to this...
a MAC 187?

Its supposed to give you the AIRBRUSHED LOOK by stippling...
No, you do not SWIRL it around or else you lose the whole point of the brush!!!

I was excited to own one but.. being a student..
Its insane!

So my only option was to search the web for affordable options.
I bumped into this one... PHP600!

The site had it compared to the MAC 187.. looks the same!
It also claimed that the manufacturer of the Mac brush is the same one that made my brush!
Hmmmm.... I'm like "sayyyy whaaaattt???!! coool!"
Elegant looking with its gold handle and NO CRAZY SHEDDING, huh?

I was about to buy the Stippling brush from Coastal Scents..
about PHP500!
But I read and saw reviews that people prefer their Mac brush over it.
It isn't as dense they say which makes it harder to stipple and cover areas as fast as possible.

So the Bare Naturals brush being from the same company as Mac.. I went with it.

- SOFT!!! I patted the white bristles and it felt really nice. Nowhere near prickly!
- Can fit any purse.
- Does the job!! Airbrush-look without the expensive ass machinery I could never afford or would never avail (ugghh.. i'm cheap like that)

- I was surprised at how small it was.. I thought it would be bigger.
- Sheds every time I deep clean it.
- Sheds a bit when I use it at times.
- When it dries up.. the white bristles turn greenish-grey (whaaat!) I clean it up with my homemade brush wipes and it goes back to normal.
- Some of the black bristles are poking outta place.

Nonetheless... I treasure this brush. I used my life savings for it! haha. Just kidding.
Well, you can't expect it to be totally awesome compared to a $40 brush!
Its fine with me.

Tips in Brush Care:
1. Deep clean with baby shampoo and try doing it every time you use it because spot cleaning won't remove that stain on those white bristles!
2. Spot Cleaning Recipe: Alcohol + dishwashing soap + clear conditioner + purified water
3. Try putting that recipe into a spray bottle and spray on to tissues to make brush wipes.
4. Dry your brushes with the bristles facing down.
5. Deep clean your brushes before your first use!! This is from Hong Kong. You don't know what touched your brush..and your going to put your face at risk for breakouts if you don't!

I hope this helps!
I'm OC when it comes to my stippling brush! :]

Update: 04/6/10
It doesn't seem to shed anymore :]


  1. I have a BN stippling too that I bought as part of the set, noticed that the white bristles turns greyish too when wet..

  2. i have this brush too... i find it too soft.. just comparing it w/ my etude house stippling which is denser and cheaper pa!... less than P500!

    anyways.. nice blog, followed you :)


  3. Thanks sis! Started following you, too.
    I like the brush for sure... soft, cheap and does the job :)

  4. By the way, update.... my brush doesn't seem to shed anymore :)