Monday, January 25, 2010


This type of entry will pertain to the items I got when I did online (OL) shopping! :]

my first one... GEO LENSES!

 The ones I used are the IM-114 and the ones still in the original packaging are the UCK-105.
Got it from here.

I aimed for the basic black ones.. why? I'm to make my eyes doll like without trying to tell everyone that its fake. If I add wear ones with color.. then it's so obvious!

Doll Eyes?
Using the IM-114.
Its 14mm in diameter like any normal contact lense but these circle lenses made my eyes big!

I love both lenses! The UCK-105 is 14.5mm in diameter! Sooo BIG!!!
I got 2 because if the sis jhain offers free shipping for 2 pairs...
So I use the IM-114 for normal days and the big UCK-105 on special events.

I think I should wear a little brown eyeliner with it... because with just my bb cream and loose powder someone commented my eyes looks blunt. Haha. Maybe thats sort of the effect I want though.

I got both pairs with grades and as you can see you will get a free contact lense case with your order.

That's it :]

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