Friday, June 11, 2010

My SuperSale Buy

Yeeee, this kiddo was at the SuperSale event on the last day.

What a cute bag!!!
Its PINK!!!

Unfortunately, my plan of buying some palettes didn't push through...
(Honestly, I thought they would be on sale... but it was still in its regular price and so I thought I could get those later on.)

But I did get this bag...

I got it only for 300PHP!
The brand is SHIQ and this bag came out last season and was put on their 300PHP sale rack.
Their latest season was beachy and sumerryyy-ish... 
I picked out this bag, not only because of the price (which startled me!), but because I was thinking of SCHOOL!!! 
The material seems to be made well and has pockets inside out. Good enough for a student like me.
The lovely attendants said that they make their own bags... ooooohhh, that's awesome right???
I found their website...
The bag's name is Adela and I like it :)

Can you believe my luck?
I won this a TOKYO P.O.S.H. Hair Poof, for real!
It wasn't even been 20 mins and my name was called stating that I won a prize!!!!!!
You can probably imagine how wide my smile was when I saw this baby being pulled out to be handed over to me.. teeheehee :D

Anyways, the event was like... Whoa! to me.
So many rich and older ladies... and they were all dressed up and pretty!
I kind of dressed up as well... very differently though.
Shiny blue legging, a yellow summer dress, and a black bolero...
I didn't see any arista... or I think so... I don't pay much attention to television or who's "hot" at the moment in the Filipino Entertainment Industry.
But there were many who looked pretty enough to be so...or were they??? LOL.


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